Primeworld Land tops off highly anticipated Primeworld Pointe in Cebu
December 11, 2023

Primeworld Land tops off highly anticipated Primeworld Pointe in Cebu

From L-R: Sherwin Uy (CEO, Primeworld Land), Johnny Uy (Chairman, Primeworld Land), VIPs, Ar. Alex Tan (CEO, Hamm-Asia Global Builders Corporation)

On Dec. 2, the skyline of Cebu City witnessed a historic moment as Primeworld Land achieved a significant milestone with the topping-off ceremony of Primeworld Pointe. This grand event not only marked the completion of the residential condominium’s towering structure but also positioned it as the best investment property for Metro Cebu in 2022, according to Dot Property Philippines.

Primeworld Pointe as of Dec. 2, 2023

Nestled in the prestigious location of La Guardia 1st St., Lahug, Primeworld Pointe stands as a testament to Primeworld Land’s dedication to creating secure and high-quality homes where Filipino families can thrive. The topping-off ceremony unfolded as an illustrious affair, graced by the presence of Primeworld Pointe’s project development and sales & marketing team, top executives from Primeworld Land, including CEO Sherwin Uy, and distinguished figures from Hamm-Asia Global Builders Corporation and Resourceworld Management Corporation. Notable VIP guests and industry experts, such as Anthony Leuterio of Filipino Homes, added to the aura of prestige.

Primeworld Pointe Project Development Team

The celebration extended beyond the ceremony itself, featuring a comprehensive product knowledge seminar aimed at updating sales partners about the latest developments. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement during a raffle draw, creating an engaging backdrop for the momentous occasion. Attendees were treated to a delightful spread of food and refreshments, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration.

In the face of recent disruptions, Primeworld Land has displayed unwavering resilience, reaffirming its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for Filipino families through groundbreaking projects like Primeworld Pointe. The development has earned acclaim as an ideal investment, offering a prime location and the promise of value appreciation, making it an attractive prospect for those seeking to expand their real estate portfolios in the city.

While Primeworld Pointe surpassed its initial structural completion schedule, the developer has taken proactive steps by initiating finishing works on the lower floors, hinting at the possibility of an earlier completion date. Even in its current state, Primeworld Pointe beckons professionals and families alike with high-quality, yet affordable spaces, fostering a comfortable and well-integrated lifestyle.

Encompassing an impressive 998 square meters, Primeworld Pointe rises majestically with 22 floors, 386 units, and 72 parking spaces. The units, ranging from 21 to 51 square meters, offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom layouts, each adorned with a balcony, parking space, and panoramic city views. The residence boasts a wealth of luxury amenities, including a pool lounge, swimming pools, reception area, fun playgrounds, gyms, and function rooms.

Beyond its architectural splendor, Primeworld Pointe’s strategic location places it in close proximity to various shopping centers, offices, business districts, hospitals, and universities in Cebu City. A mere 5-minute walk from Cebu I.T Park, a bustling hub for businesses and establishments, provides residents with a distinct advantage, seamlessly integrating work and life. Additionally, its accessibility to Ayala Cebu Center Tower and Uptown Cebu further enhances the living experience, striking a harmonious balance between convenience and leisure.

Primeworld Pointe transcends the label of a mere residential development; it stands as a testament to Primeworld Land’s enduring commitment to redefining living standards and creating spaces where Filipino families can truly prosper and live fulfilling lives. In the Queen City of the South, Primeworld Pointe stands tall as a beacon of modern living, inviting residents to experience an integrated way of living and working comfortably.

Primeworld Land’s development projects can be found across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. For more information about Primeworld Land, you may visit

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