Successful Easter Event Blends Festival and Primeworld Enclave's Mega Open House
April 15, 2023

Successful Easter Event Blends Festivities and Primeworld Enclave’s Mega Open House

San Rafael, Bulacan’s local community, came together in a celebration of Easter and real estate opportunities at the highly successful Easter event hosted by Primeworld Enclave last April 15, 2023. The event offered a unique blend of festive activities and exclusive sales, attracting a diverse range of homebuyers eager to explore our home offerings while enjoying the holiday spirit.

Children eagerly participated in the thrilling Easter egg hunt and face-painting activities. The sales office became a fun playground to celebrate the occasion as parents explored their investment opportunities with Primeworld. The Easter event fostered a sense of community and provided an avenue for networking. Homebuyers, real estate professionals, and local vendors had the opportunity to connect, share insights, and establish valuable relationships. The event showcased the collaborative and supportive spirit of the local real estate market.


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